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Rusk Media

Rusk Media is an Indian new age digital media organization. Through their authoritative house of brands – they aim to deliver stories, tales, facts and information that will shape the conversations of Gen Z & millenial Indians for the years to come. The team at Beat The Best was required to rebrand 5 properties owned and managed by Rusk Media, including Alright!, Cook Off, Binge!, Find My Look and Gaming Stars.


Cook Off!

Cook Off is a YouTube channel that features cooking challenges between two chefs or friends, targeting a diverse audience of foodies between the ages of 13 to 30 in Tier 1-2-3 cities. The brand aims to entertain through a combination of food and competition, with a fresh and loud logo design.


Binge! is a brand that creates relatable and feel-good content for millennials, with a focus on middle-class families and students. Their content is delivered in short and long formats and aims to bring back old comedy culture with impactful stories. The brand is minimalistic with a significant logo element that symbolizes their message of “go and binge”.

Find My Look

Find My Look (FML) is a fashion and styling brand that provides creative and budget-friendly solutions to help customers achieve a celeb-like look in a minimum budget. FML targets females aged 13-35 in Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities who want to stay updated with fashion trends and explore new markets/places to shop from. The brand provides infotainment content that enables customers to boost their confidence in their fashion choices and styling skills.

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