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Getting the work done for Realme India

The team at White Rivers Media approached us for a series of projects for Realme India. We understood the requirements, devised the production plans, and delivered what was required for the brand’s various promotional activities. The team continues to connect with us for future projects in the field of Photography and Filmmaking.


Dare to leap with mortal gaming

Our first task was to help in planning out a shoot with one of the leading gaming influencers of India. We approached the management of Naman Mathur, AKA, Mortal Gaming for this project since the fan following of Naman is continuing to sky rocket and he is garnering organic reach on a consistent basis. This single association helped the brand to gain over 5 million views on Instagram!

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Jiyo Apni Dhun Pe

We were delighted to work with Realme India on the production of their Valentine’s Day video. The video’s plot revolves around a heartwarming tale of love and generosity, highlighting the fact that Realme India is not just about cutting-edge technology and innovative products, but also about fostering a culture of kindness and empathy.

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Real Me Diwali

Realme’s #realmeDiwali campaign is a heartwarming initiative that aims to bring joy and happiness to the lives of underprivileged children. The campaign focuses on giving back to the community by donating essential tech items such as air purifiers, realme pads, and realme earphones to promote health, education, and happiness.

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Explaining Active Noise Cancellation

The next project in line was to educate the audience about Active Noise Cancellation or ANC in the easiest way possible. The route therefore was to go for a minimal sitting-tutorial setup along with subtle animations to help elevate the terminologies and process of the technology.

Ways To Use The Buds

Further we were required to shoot an overview/tutorial video about their then to be released product – Realme Buds Air 2. The requirement for this particular project was to glorify the scene with the brand colours without it becoming a distraction.

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